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One of the strongest nicotine experience on the market worldwide. Siberia snus has a nicotine level of up to 43mg/g – do you dare?


White Fox 

White Fox is a white, tobacco-free product. White Fox using a special fleece material for the portion paper. This unique material provides a symbiotic nicotine/flavour release when compared to traditional papers.


HIT is a white, tobacco-free product with extremely high nicotine content produced by GN Tobacco Sweden. Enjoy the combination of the stimulating sensation of a very strong nicotine kick with a catchy fruity flavors. There are 5 types of flavors. Enjoy between Blackberry, Blueberry, Orange (Apelsin), Dr.Pepper and Lemongrass. Just choose the path that you want to travel by to your nicotine independence.


Rite is made for those who always strive to achieve the best results. It focuses on simplicity combining perfect flavor with uncompromising quality and maximum strength. Dare to enter the RITE world!


Thunder snus comes in different varieties with different flavour combinations. All varieties from Thunder offers a powerful experience, both in flavour and effect. The backbone of Thunder is a Swedish recipe which brings a classic and strong tobacco aroma.


Ace.X is known for its high-quality ingredients and delivers a well-balanced and smooth taste, providing an enjoyable experience.


Änglaholm – a high quality snus tobacco blend by GNT Tobacco, with fruity and well balanced cornel cherry flavors.  Medium strong nicotine experience in unmoistened chewing portion bags. Runs less and keeps its flavor longer. Regular size for that well known feeling behind your lip.

Bull Dog 

Bull Dog is a near “All White” product with just a minimum of tobacco. Powerful but well rounded and flavorful flavor. Extremely strong nicotine experience in unmoistened chewing portion bags. Runs less and keeps its flavor longer. Full sized portions for that well known feeling behind your lip.

Cannadips CBD 

Cannadips CBD infused pouches are an alternative to traditional dips by using CBD in a more effective way. Essentially, the CBD calms and soothes anxiety, while helping promote general mental calmness. They have a great taste, and are also nicotine and tobacco-free.


Gritt Nicotine Pouches are tobacco free. The natural plant fiber filling used by its comfortable nicotine pouches ensures that they won’t stain and that they provide a low-drip experience.


Powerful but well rounded and flavorful snus tobacco blend with clear and cooling flavors of real mint oils. Extremely strong nicotine experience in moistened chewing portion bags. Fast and powerful flavor release.


KLINT is the premium, all-white, tobacco-free nicotine portion for the elegant lifestyle that gives you the convenience of a fresh nicotine boost, wherever you are, whenever you want. Without any of the negative effects of tobacco. Simply choose from one of the fresh flavors below that best matches your taste, place it under your lip and get on with your day.


The FIX range is a Swedish nicotine pouch manufactured by Habit Factory in Sweden AB. It offers a variety of flavours and strengths. All pouches are tobacco-free using plant fibre.
The FIX nicotine pouches are slim and placed between the gum and the upper lip. There are 20 pouches per can, each with a different flavour

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