About Snus

Snus is a Swedish traditional tobacco of oral usage, also called in some countries as moist snuff. Nicotine is being delivered through direct touch with gums on upper jaw. May not be considered as a smoking, vaping or other thermal, burning, igniting methods of consumption.

Processing routines: Grinded, screened tobacco which is passing thermo treatment (pasteurization)

Packing forms:

  • In food approved paper portions
  • Loose

All ingredients are stated on package are not exceeding Livsmedelsverket limits (Swedish National Food Administration).

How do you use Snus?

Step 1

Open the snus container and take out a sachet.

Step 2

Simply place the sachet (portion or mini) of your favourite snus,  under the upper lip.

Step 3

Enjoy! When you have finished or are halfway, the sachet can be easily placed in the special, sealable cavity in the lid of the can.

Tip: Try not to lick or worse, suck the pouch.

How does Snus work?

The nicotine is absorbed through the mucous membrane of the mouth and kicks in almost immediately.

For some people this generates a tingling sensation.  Because of this natural absorption process, Snus is sometimes referred to as “Nature’s own nicotine gum”.

What are the benefits of Snus?

There is no inhaling, no chewing and no spitting involved when using Snus. 

Snus is friendlier to those around you because there is no smoke. 

Snus portions (or minis) are ideal for those times when smoking is not allowed. 

Snus is ideal for those times when smoking is not allowed.

Snus portions (or minis) are ideal for those times when smoking is not allowed.  Having morning tea with a friend?  Having it to go with your after dinner coffee, or in fact with any drink that goes well with the flavour of the Snus you are using.  Going on a long trip, take Snus with you and relax.  Heading to your favourite Restaurant, enjoy your Snus anywhere.  Raining in the outside smoking area?  No problem, keep warm and dry inside with Snus.  Out on a game drive, a walk in the mountains, a round of golf, a game of soccer, the movies, the list goes on.

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